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Chicken Diane

I got this recipe originally from my friend Sue Smith on one of our Florida "rest" vacations. She called it simply "Italian Chicken". Later, I brought the recipe to Hunter Mountain to share with my ski buddies. It is such an easy dish, you can even fix it quickly after "Happy Hour". Diane Rogalski, one of my house mates, and a dear friend, took charge of cooking up the dish. It became so popular that it was requested often that winter. Everyone praised Diane’s wonderful inventive recipe. She thanked them and beamed, forgetting where the recipe originated. From that winter on, this dish has been re-named "Chicken Diane". I hope she is still cooking it and taking bows.

Update:  I recently spoke to Diane about this recipe and our years at Hunter Mountain.  She corrected me.   The dish did not officially become "Chicken Diane" until she changed the salad dressing to diet dressing.  That, she said, made the recipe her own.



  • chicken thighs (or breasts)
  •  plum tomatoes, sliced horizontally
  • mushrooms, quartered
  • green pepper, cut into strips
  • Viva Italian dressing
  • dried basil , garlic powder and pepper to taste


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